An attempt to frame the vastness of the Jehan Numa experience in the span of minutes, this video encapsulates the journey from the luxury of the Palace to the contemporary charm of the Retreat to the thrills of the Jungle Lodge. It includes the right use of aerial shots, candid captures and night vision camera inserts. While you may not be able to make a holiday this very moment, you sure can feel how it does!
Jehan Numa - Showreel
The Jehan Numa Palace Hotel is an experience that is best felt. To capture it in the span of minutes, was a challenge that came wrapped in the goodness of a holiday! So here's what we could come up with! Do share your views.
Jehan Numa - Palace
Jehan Numa Retreat, true to its name, is a soulful retreat that is ideal to celebrate occasions or host gatherings in. This video pieces the different aspects of the property’s offerings and conveys how functional yet beautiful it is. 
Look forward to your thoughts on it!
Jehan Numa - Retreat
Reni Pani Jungle Lodge is an exquisitely designed conservation and wildlife focused lodge located close to the Satpura National park and Tiger Reserve.
The park offers a diverse & unique range of activities. The sheer diversity of animals, the presence of several bird species, numerous species of endemic butterflies & the luxury of exploring this 1,500 square km expanse of classic Central Indian wildlife habitat in so many different ways make Satpura a wildlife enthusiast’s paradise.
Reni Pani - Jungle Lodge

© IORAPRO ( ) &  Jehan Numa Group ( )

Creative Direction & Cinematography - Vinayak Hegde & Prakash Matada
Second Camera - Sudheer Hegde & Guru Prasad
Final Cut - Vasavi Ginodia
Music - Adamya Chetan

Special Thanks to JEHAN NUMA GROUP, Aly Rashid & Amit Bhangre for immense support and hospitality during filming and stay at these properties.


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